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The Instruments

My work is rooted in the Hauser instrument-building tradition. Over the years I have added many refinements, including sandwich or doubletop construction for the soundboard. These are true concert guitars, with an exciting, magical sound that is a joy to play.


  • Volume: a broad dynamic range. The sound stays clear and focused at all dynamic levels, even the loudest - a sound you can "push" without distortion.
  • Projection: a carrying sound with a strong fundamental that gets to the back of the hall. Even when you play softly, the sound gets out there.
  • Strong, singing trebles: a "fat", sustaining, satisfying sound.
  • Deep, full bass: adds great richness throughout the range of the instrument; clear and well-defined at all dynamic levels.
  • Exceptional evenness and balance: every note is strong and clear. Across and along the strings - all the notes are there, at all dynamic levels.
  • Great clarity and separation - notes are distinct and audible in the chords.
  • Timbre: Lots of color and variation, from silky smooth to warm and sweet to hard and crisp to gutsy.
  • A strong, sustaining sound. Notes hold steadily without wavering.
  • Beauty of sound - beautiful, expressive, bell-like sound - a truly musical sound.

Sisters Sisters


  • Designed to fit your hand and playing style: custom neck profile, string spacing, and action height.
  • Easy to play: comfortable, ergonomic neck and fingerboard ease barreing and those long left-hand stretches.
  • Elevated fingerboard aids playing above 12th fret. Amount of elevation can be customized to fit your needs.
  • Extremely responsive to the right hand: light construction creates an expressive instrument.
  • You feel the instrument vibrate. It's exciting to play - a living thing in your hands.


  • Built with the finest instrument woods - beautiful pieces of wood with superb tap tones - all well-quartered and seasoned many years.
  • Traditional and non-traditional woods are available - Indian rosewood, Cocobolo, Ziricote, Macassar ebony, Bigleaf and European Maple. Woods for the soundboard include western red cedar, European and Engelmann spruce.
  • Of special interest is BC Engelmann spruce, a hard, light, stiff, extremely resonant topwood that equals or surpasses the best European spruce in quality.
  • All instruments feature doubletop construction of the soundboard. See the essay on doubletops elsewhere on this site.
  • Note that I no longer offer Brazilian rosewood, Madagascar rosewood, or African blackwood for back and sides due to their endangered status.


  • The soundboards of all my instruments are carefully finished with French-polished shellac - a beautiful, traditional finish and probably the best finish acoustically.
  • For greater durability, I employ a lacquer finish for back and sides. French-polished shellac is available for those who wish the most traditional finish and do not mind the extra care required.
  • Bridges and fingerboards are finished with oil. Oil finish for the neck is also available.


  • Tuners: Graf tuners are standard on all instruments. Graf tuners are Canadian-made and are currently the best being made anywhere in the world.
  • Case: A Hiscox Artist hardshell case is included in the base price.

Introduction  |  Instruments  |  Doubletops  |  News and Recent Work  |  Essays
Features  |  Specifications  |  Orders  |  Available  |  Biography  |  Links

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